Register for On-Premise Training and Certification at Your Office 

Once the certification path and estimated travel costs are purchased, the Brivo trainer will schedule a site visit to your premises for a single day training session for up to five technicians.

Please make sure you download the Procedures and Requirements for On-premise Certification Training document and read the details thoroughly prior to setting your on-premise training date so you will be fully prepared to host this training session. A maximum of 5 technicians who attend this full day training session and complete the certification test successfully will be certified.

If you need to contact a Brivo trainer with a specific question immediately, please send an email to with your concern and make sure you include your contact details in your email.

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 On-premises Certification Training Request

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Provide your complete reseller company name and the name, phone number, and email address of the manager who is responsible for all arrangements for scheduling, facilitating, and payment for On-premise Certification and related trainer travel expenses.

Please provide the location where the single day training and certification will take place.




Provide the names, email addresses, and direct phone numbers for up to five (5) students.





















Download On-premise Certification Procedures and Terms.pdf







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